What's Happening in Vermont

  • A big scandal is rocking the Vermont Ski Industry over two ski resorts in northeastern VT. The figures below are charged in a civil suit of a massive fraud in connection with the development of the Jay Peak and QBurke ski resorts.Rogues Gallery.

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  • A chronology of VT Digger reporting on the scandal can be viewed here.

  • This is a developing scandal. More revelations are to come. Keep up to date on our Jay Peak-EB-5 Forum



  • Northern Vermont communities are suffering from the decline in the Canadian dollar. It's costing Canadians at least 30% more to visit Vermont. Click to Read more here.

foliage season

The changing face of maple sugaring in Vermont.

The buckets and old sugar houses are disappearing. Big business is moving in. View our mini doc here

The end of April is the end of the Maple Sugaring Season and time for the annual parade in St. Albans. The Grand Parade is presented by Mylan Technologies. The parade is Sunday, April 24, 2016 at 12:00 PM. Everyone loves a parade! See a video here.

Vermont's fishing season opens


Fish Jumping

Spring is finally here in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom and it’s fishing season. It is also the time for the spectacular site of trout jumping the rapids on the Willoughby River.The trout swim up river about 15 miles from Lake Memphremagog to spawn in the rocky shale of the river just below Lake Willoughby. See our April 2016 video here. See still images on PhotosVermont

Vermont's fishing season opens